How to unlock bootloader on samsung sm-g510f

How to unlock bootloader on samsung sm-g510f

Today you can find out how to unlock bootloader on samsung sm-g510f independently, without SMS, submitting applications and visiting the service. Instructions for unlocking the bootloader provided by our partner – Android developer Ivanov Vitaly. The option is completely free.

What unlocked bootloader gives on Android

  • You can install any firmware for samsung sm-g510f – custom from enthusiasts and official.
  • Installing any third-party recovery.
  • Easier and faster getting root rights, although it’s much easier with utilities that do it in 1 click, for example, the sensational Rootkhp Pro.

it happens official unlocking when you need to request permission from the manufacturer (and in theory you will be allowed and told how) and unofficial, when the owner of the smartphone does not ask anyone, because it is only his property. The easiest way to do it yourself!

How to unlock bootloader samsung sm-g510f

How to unlock bootloader on samsung sm-g510f

For this we need unlocker, we will use a universal utility ZYKUFlasher 1.1 on PC. Foolproof protection available, making a smartphone a brick will not work.

  1. Must Download program (it’s free).
  2. Connect smartphone to computer.
  3. Run the program to unlock the ZYKUFlasher bootloader.
  4. Click Unlock Bootloader only and wait for the result. Requires ZYKUFlasher version 1.1 and higher, earlier required function is not!
How to unlock bootloader on samsung sm-g510f

How to check if the bootloader is unlocked

How to unlock bootloader on samsung sm-g510f

Run the adb console utility (the device must be connected to the PC), enter the command "fastboot oem unlock". If adb shows Device unlocked: false, then the bootloader is not unlocked or a failure has occurred, try restarting your smartphone and check again. If you see true then the operation was successful.

Is unlocking the Android bootloader dangerous?

As my grandfather said, life is generally dangerous, you can suddenly die with your phone in hand. There would be a desire to return everything back if you suddenly do not like it or you will have to go to the service center for repair under warranty.

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