zyq v2 how to unlock bootloader

zyq v2 how to unlock bootloader

In this article we will tell about unlocking the bootloader on zyq v2 without service centers and crooked masters from ads. Instructions for unlocking the bootloader developed by the technical specialist of the service center – Davydov Filat. The option is completely free.

Why do you need to unlock the bootloader on Android

  • Installing both custom (unofficial) and official firmware.
  • The ability to install unofficial recovery.
  • Easier and faster getting root rights, although it’s much easier with utilities that do it in 1 click, for example, the sensational Rootkhp Pro.

Unlocking happens official (when asking for manufacturer’s approval) and unofficial (when no one is asked, because this is your phone). It is not clear just why ask someone if you can unlock it yourself

How to unlock bootloader zyq v2

zyq v2 how to unlock bootloader

For this we need unlocker, we will use a universal utility ZYKUFlasher 1.1 on PC. Foolproof protection available, making a smartphone a brick will not work.

  1. Must Download program (it’s free).
  2. Connect smartphone to computer.
  3. Run the program to unlock the ZYKUFlasher bootloader.
  4. Click Unlock Bootloader only and wait for the result. Requires ZYKUFlasher version 1.1 and higher, earlier required function is not!
zyq v2 how to unlock bootloader

How to check if the bootloader is unlocked

zyq v2 how to unlock bootloader

Run the adb console utility (the device must be connected to the PC), enter the command "fastboot oem unlock". The program can have two answers – Device unlocked: false / true. If True, then everything is super. If you receive false, try to repeat the steps again and check through ADB again.

Is unlocking the Android bootloader dangerous?

My old daddy used to say that life is a dangerous thing and you may not live to see tomorrow. If you wish, everything can be returned as it was that you can’t dig even in the service center if you need a warranty repair.

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